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Raiding Update (July 22)

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Raiding Update (July 22)

Post by Cataclysm » Sun Jul 22, 2018 6:30 pm

Well with the Xpack coming to an end in roughly less then a months time. We find our selves changing the Raiding schedule. Want to thank everyone that has helped out along the way and i really hope that all of you are going to enjoy the summer time.

Heroic Main Night / Argus Mount
Tuesday is still going to be our Main raider night but due to the lack of raiders showing up we will be combining the two raid groups for the remainder of the xpack (Unless something changes and we get a crazy influx of raiders)

Are plan is still to get the members in to get there Mount. But due to the recent changes with the 8.0.1 Patch with all the lovely class changes this is rough. On some fights its like raiding for the first time and we have struggled on some bosses. We have not completed a full clear since the Patch so please bare with us we truly are trying.

Note: We are only bringing in non raiders in for the Argus kill only.

We will be attempting Argus mount runs after raid on Tuesday (If we complete early), Friday or Saturday will be slated for Completion of Main raider night as well as Argus Mount runs.

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