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Raid Schedule Change

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Raid Schedule Change

Post by Cataclysm » Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:32 am

Tuesday - Main Raiders to complete full clear of Antorus
Note: in the even of not clearing we will do the rest on the Friday or Saturday
Note: Main Raiders can bring Alts if they so choose. In the event of failure they will be asked to switch to main Raid Roster toon.

Friday / Saturday - Main Raiders Complete Raid from tuesday
Note: If raid was not complete from tuesday we will finish up full clear while bringing members in for Achievement for Mount.

Starting on July 7th we will start to do Argus Kills for members that would like to get there mount. Please check the Calendar for more details on the days. We will be offering to the people that have first signed up on the forums before asking in guild. We will use either Friday or Saturday for dedicating to getting 4-5 Argus Only kills (Using Lock Out) in order to get Membership Achievement for Mount.

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