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Raid Schedule & Tier Information

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Raid Schedule & Tier Information

Post by Cataclysm » Wed May 23, 2018 8:37 pm

What are we raiding
In order to be as inclusive as possible we will be raiding Normal difficulty to start with in every raid tier. This will allow us to create a raid group of anywhere from 10 to 30 players. Going forward as we progress we will move up to Heroic difficulty. The difficulty will scales depending on the number of players in the raid. The loot system we will be using is "Personal" effective it causes less problems in the end.

Normal Difficulty Raids
Normal raids will be held of all raiders that meet the requirements of the Raiding information. They must have basic knowledge of the mechanics pertaining to there Class and Spec. They will have to have done and completed LFR once. Normal clear supersede the need for you to go clear LFR. Logs must show on the world of warcraft armory.

Heroic Difficulty Raids
Heroic raids will be for the raiders that can perform do the best of there ability's, while understanding the proper mechanics pertaining to there Class and Spec. They must have completed one full clear of normal and it must show on there logs on the world of warcraft armory.

Mythic Difficulty Raids
Mythic raids will be for the raiders that can perform to the best of their abilities, while understanding the proper mechanics pertaining to their Class and Spec. They must have completed one full clear of Heroic and it must show on their logs in the World of Warcraft Armory. The Mythic Raid team will be created with a balanced raid composition in mind.

Open Night (Mains/Alts/Members)
Every Sunday we will be opening up our raiding to all "Members". Open night gives back to all the members that want to see some harder content of raiding with crazier mechanics. We will attempt at full clears as well explaining boss fights to you. There are no sign ups just show up prepared (ask if unsure). Open night still falls under all the rules.

New Raid Tier
When a new raid tier comes upon us these above rules are void due to LFR is not fully out as well as we wont have full clear on normal. One week after the last LFR tier as been released all rules will come into effect with no exceptions. (Most of the Above rules will fall on New Recruits or Members looking to become Raiders)

Expansion Launch New Raid Tier
With the launch of a new expansion we will always come across a problem where the majority of the raid groups will not meet the requirements in terms of Item Level. For the first Four (4) weeks of a Launch Raid Tier of a new Expansion we will lower the required item level by 10 (330 ilvl for Normal & 345 ilvl Heroic), in order to have a full raid group. All other raid rules will apply. These item levels will go back to 340 ilvl for normal & 355 ilvl for Heroic as of October 2nd.

Progression Bosses
Every Progression Boss will pose a problem for any guild. This is a team effort downing these bosses. Especially during progression, a handful of individuals can not carry the group to success. We are all in this together. There will be times where we will have to remove or add raiders. There will be times where we will have to remove raiders based on there knowledge of mechanics pertaining to your Class and Spec. There DPS/Dmg done, Healing ability's or Tanking ability's. Please don't take this to heart. We are all striving for the same result of defeating Heroic content. We might not get the Progression boss down for Days or Weeks, but we will get it down.

Raiding requires a certain amount of commitment, from learning your class to learning the mechanics of fights (which also includes learning the differences between normal and heroic). We will address the situation as it arises to attempt at defeating the farm or progression bosses. We will always go for three or more attempts on any bosses with all raiders before removing, but please have personal responsibility to remove your self if you know your failing at a boss.

Alliance Raid Progression (Proudmoore)
The current schedule for progression is three nights per week and all such raids will start at 6PM server (PST) and run until 8PM Server (PST) with an Optional Hour on Friday and Saturday.

Dawn of the Aspects (1 Group)
  • Tuesday
    Uldir 6PM PST - 8PM PST
    Normal (Ilvl 340) Heroic (Ilvl 355)
  • Friday
    Uldir 6PM PST - 8PM PST
    Normal (Ilvl 340) Heroic (Ilvl 355)
  • Satuday
    Uldir 6PM PST - 8PM PST
    Normal (Ilvl 340) Heroic (Ilvl 355)

Note: Once Normal is completed, will advance into Heroic Raiding Content

Peace Keepers and Warbringers (2 Groups)
  • Tuesday (2 Groups)
    Uldir 6PM PST - 8PM PST
    Normal (Ilvl 340) Heroic (Ilvl 355)
  • Friday (2 Groups)
    Uldir 6PM PST - 8PM PST
    Normal (Ilvl 340) Heroic (Ilvl 355)
  • Satuday (2 Groups)
    Uldir 6PM PST - 8PM PST
    Normal (Ilvl 340) Heroic (Ilvl 355)

Note: Will stay with Normal until 2 weeks of new raid tier then the raid schedule will go into effect (Or earlier based on both Raider Leaders)
Note: A Heroic Day will Flip flop between Friday and Saturday.

Open Night (Main/Alt/Members)
  • Sunday (2 Groups)
    Uldir 5PM PST - 7PM PST
    Normal (Ilvl 340)

Sunday's Run still requires that you follow all the Raid Rules.

Alliance Requirements
Gems (+7)
Enchants (+7)
Personal Food (+10)

Required Addons
DeadlyBossMods - VEM - BigWigs - Any Boss mod will do, you just need to have one installed and updated.
ORA3 - is a raid requirement, this allows raid leaders to track important items such as raid cooldowns as well as check gear, latency, repair status ect.
Exorsus Raid Tools - Helpful addon for raiders, especially for raid leaders and officers.

Recommended Addons
GTFO - provides an audible alert when you're standing in something you're not supposed to be standing in.

The raid schedule will be placed on the in-game calendar each week, so please if you cant make it please make a post on the Late/Absent post as early as you can so that we can get an idea of what our group composition will look like.

(Normal) (Item Level 340) (Heroic) (Item Level 355) Note: Click pictures for Icy Veins Guides on Bosses

TBD (Wing 1)
Taloc the Corrupted, The titan keepers enacted countless systems to detect and contain any breach from the facility. Their most powerful construct, Taloc, kept watch for any signs of corruption in the region and ruthlessly excised any that he found. But as thousands of years passed, its internal defenses began to decay, making it vulnerable to corruption. Fatboss - Video

MOTHER, Uldir's titanic watcher was gifted with tenacity and an insatiable desire to discover a "solution" to the Old Gods. Her protocols have remained fully intact, even though many other systems in her facility have collapsed. WARNING: M.O.T.H.E.R. will not accept aid from contaminated subjects. Fatboss - Video

Fetid Devourer, The experiments within Uldir conducted tests upon countless lifeforms, including several loa who inhabited the forests around Zandalar. After the experiments proved lethal, the loa's remains were disposed of improperly, much to the delight of the dark consciousness imprisoned within Uldir. Fatboss - Video

TBD (Wing 2)
Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth, Shortly after the Sundering, a dark messenger arrived on the fresh shores of Zandalar, intending to bring the newly isolated tribe into the service of N'Zoth. Zek'voz was prepared to entice, bribe, cajole, corrupt, or simply kill them, but he was not prepared to encounter the defenses of Uldir. He was captured, studied, disassembled, and stored in the Titans' Archives, where he has waited for a chance to escape. Fatboss - Video

Vectis, The plague of corrupted blood killed countless trolls and began one of the most terrifying periods in Zandalar's history. The constructs within Uldir studied the disease in search of a cure, but found that only isolation and extermination was effective. Unfortunately, as the facility's safeguards cracked apart, the plague was accidentally combined with a sample of G'huun's blood, creating a new entity that hungered for fresh victims. Fatboss - Video

Zul, Reborn Once the proud leader of the Zanchuli Council, highest advisors to the kings of Zandalar, Zul was praised as the greatest of prophets. Now, the dark prophet has turned on King Rastakhan and would see a true troll empire rule the world once again, even if it means submitting to the blood god: G'huun. Fatboss - Video

TBD (Wing 3)
Mythrax the Unraveler, Bringer of Oblivion, Slayer of Sethraliss: with his mission complete, he returns to his master's side to await further instruction. Fatboss - Video

G'huun, In Uldir, the titans had hoped to find a solution to the Old Gods. But when they experimented upon the Old Gods' unending, ravenous need to corrupt, they unexpectedly created a perfect avatar of that desire. G'huun is nothing but rot, pestilence, and decay, the ultimate parasite who cannot stop itself from consuming its host until it is gone. Fatboss - Video

Above all, remember
This is a game. The content may be tough. The tensions may get high.
The key is to remember we are all on the same team.
We will continue to update this post as information changes.
Also, please feel freeto provide us with any feedback you may have!

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