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Taming 660 Unique Creatures as Mounts or Pets.

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Taming 660 Unique Creatures as Mounts or Pets.

Post by BlessedKebab » Mon May 21, 2018 5:27 pm ... Hqu9ZM88cc

Each region in Bless has its own type of creatures. Depending on the type of environment, you can meet monsters of all sorts: some are cute and friendly, while others are wild and fierce or even ridiculous!

If you happen to stumble upon an elite monster as you journey around the Bless world, try to tame it! Although it may be difficult, if you are successful in taming it you will gain a special companion.

As you tame more and more monsters, your taming level increase and your character will become more skilled at taming. You will also then be able to have more monsters as pets or mounts! However, that’s not all! In Bless, players can level up tamed monsters and enjoy the beneficial effects that they provide.

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