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Asin for Bless

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Asin for Bless

Post by Candiey » Sun Jul 01, 2018 4:38 pm

Your in game name: Asin
Your age: 30
Time zone: EST - But will be traveling the country so it will change as I head west
Location: Eastern USA for now, but traveling West, to land in Washington March 2019
Hobbies: Video games, traveling, doing things with my kiddos
Real life things you do: Homeschool my kids, travel
Play times: Any
PVP Yes or No? Yes, but very much enjoy PvE. Due to my lack use of a gaming laptop, usually on wifi, I probably won't be doing a whole lot of PvP, but will be able to from time to time
What Class will you be playing at start? Elf mage until Mystic comes out on NA
Short history of your gaming experience: ArcheAge, BDO, LIF, LIFMMO, Conan:Exiles, ARK, SWTOR, CoE backer
Anything else you'd like to add. We like to know as much info as your willing to give us. I am full time RVing across the country with my 2 daughters while my husband is deployed. I will be starting my journey tomorrow, and will be starting to YouTube the adventure! I am going to be playing some Bless while I am traveling. (I CANNOT live without my gaming LOL). Also, I come with 3-5 friends :)
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