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BDO Application

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Member 8 years
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BDO Application

Post by mrwhiskers » Sat Jul 27, 2019 3:19 am

Family name: Pintufo
Character name: Aurolla (if AFK fishing) Alucardim (if trying to get mem frags) ElilaiX (if it's a weekend) - I'm still relatively new and trying to find my perfect class

I've been in Grievance in one form or another since before the new forums in around 2010.. maybe since around 2008? I know you guys are pretty well progressed on BDO and with me being relatively new I certainly don't expect anyone to stop what they're doing to seek me out exclusively, but if you get a chance, please get in touch.

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Lord Scythe
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Re: BDO Application

Post by Lord Scythe » Sun Jul 28, 2019 8:41 am


Welcome to Grievance Black Desert Online!

Dark_Grievance is our PvE focused guild. They do not do node wars or war declarations. They are welcome to do open world PvP but no war declarations will be done.

Grievance is our Node war focused guild. PvP is encouraged. We will give out War declarations as required.

Be sure to read this thread: ... 13&t=39947

Here is the short cut to the Grievance organizational charter:

Here is the short cut to the BDO charter:

viewtopic.php?f=928&t=40853&sid=e3e71e8 ... 78e32529fe

Just a reminder that reading the Organizational charter, BDO charter and installing Teamspeak are requirements to joining Grievance.

The only way to get a guild invite is to download Discord and get the Discord information from here once your application has been approved: ... 88&t=50226

The officer list can be found here: ... 13&t=40044

Here is a list of excellent resources for Black Desert Online:

New Players guide: ... 01#p325701

List of Guides: ... 23&t=41953

Money Making tips:

PeaceKitty's guide to making money:(very detailed) ... 7&p=311078

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