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H1Z1 Virus - First Pass

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H1Z1 Virus - First Pass

Post by Novatek » Fri Apr 24, 2015 9:24 am

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Thamin Trollsbane
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Re: H1Z1 Virus - First Pass

Post by Thamin Trollsbane » Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:51 am

Wow...can catch the virus now, in stages...

Severe Stage

Moderate damage over time
No longer coughing
(Non-PvE only)Zombies no longer target you
Max movement speed slightly reduced
Normal food no longer satiates you and normal water/drinks no longer hydrate you. Eating/Drinking them does nothing for you but upset your stomach, causing you to cramp up. Continued eating will cause you to vomit. You must feed from dead players, wildlife or zombies to restore Energy and Hydration.
Fresher corpses restore more to each resource and restore a little bit of health. Depending on what is you feed on determines the amount you restore. Bears offer the most while rabbits offer the least. Feeding on zombies will slightly progress your H1Z1 virus.
You will be able to feed off corpses a maximum of 2 times.
Survivor Tracking: Survivors at this stage of the virus may notice a gaseous effect in the world. This effect means that a survivor was in that spot recently. You can use these markers in attempt to track down other survivors. Survivors at this stage do not leave a marker themselves. Survivors also do not leave a marker if they are inside a vehicle.
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