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H1Z1 adventure preparing for Sat show

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Thamin Trollsbane
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H1Z1 adventure preparing for Sat show

Post by Thamin Trollsbane » Wed Mar 18, 2015 12:12 pm

This Saturday, 21st, I will feature H1Z1 running around on a PvP server for my "Swords Drawn, Guns Loaded" stream. ( 10pm-midnight CST)

But a funny thing happened preparing for the show. I was on a PvP server, playing a starting character...just testing out the sounds, muting music, etc. Pretty much doing technical things to make sure the stream would go ok.

The plan for Saturday is to start out, then once prepared go zombie-hunting to find that quest item that gives you a key to a cache box. Find and open the box, and you can get an AR-15 and nice backpack.

The funny thing is, as my character started to starve while setting up, I ran to a nearby house to look for food. There was an AR-15 laying on the dining room table!

Well, we'll still have a show Saturday and see if we can do that again.
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