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August 2020 Update: Container System and Item Tiers

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August 2020 Update: Container System and Item Tiers

Post by Novatek » Sun Aug 09, 2020 5:47 pm ... iers-13556

Good morning community! It has been another busy month of development for the team. So let's jump right in and discuss recent work, the coming Container System and supporting subsystem Items and its tiers. These systems will not be implemented for some time, but we want to help familiarize you with the coming changes.

Before we transition into our main topic I'd like to touch on the continued work to clean up ticket issues. As always we are thankful for all the feedback and support we receive from the community. We’ve recently brought on additional QA members. We’d like to extend a big thank you to them and all of those who send in bug reports. It is thanks to all of you that we are able to identify existing issues.

In an ideal setting, we could address each issue as they are found. However, with so many systems in need of overhauls, it can feel like a slow process. We appreciate your patience and look forward to each issue we can mark as resolved.

We've looked into several reports of harvesting nodes spawning inside of assets such as rocks and trees. This issue is occurring due to the nodes spawning outside of their defined regions which is not as intended. Our engineer will be looking into what changes were made to the default settings by the previous team. Once these changes are identified we'll work to revert them, and begin reviewing troubled regions' areas.

In previous articles we made mention of generated missions players receive by mail not completing as intended. We believe all generated missions affected by the issue have been identified and corrected. Should a player complete one of these missions, and find it remains on their mission log with a green checkmark we ask that they please send in a bug report.

These are just two of the issues we've recently addressed. You'll find a detailed patch notes list included with the future patch as normal. Please be aware that our patch cycle has been every six weeks, but our next push has not been scheduled. This is due to the amount of work that must be completed first. Once we have a projected patch date we'll make it public. Once again thank you for your patience.
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