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Increase Your LUA Memory to Fix the LUA Error

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Increase Your LUA Memory to Fix the LUA Error

Post by Kaedence » Wed May 18, 2016 7:13 pm

There are a two different ways to fix this problem, which occurs when you have more addons than the default game settings can manage (which is not many at all.) By default, the game allocates a mere 64MB to manage addons which is barely enough to um.. open the calculator on your desktop!

You can either find an addon to fix it for you, automatically, or you can do a manual edit in a text file.


The addon No, Thank You can manage this error and will show a popup when that problem occurs, and will offer to fix it for you. There may be other addons that can fix it, but I haven't come across them yet.

Manual Edit

Doing the manual edit isn't difficult at all!

1.Close your game!

2. Navigate to Elderscrolls Online / live folder and open the text document called UserSettings.txt

3. Find the line in the document that says SET LuaMemoryLimitMB "64" and change the number to 128, 256 or even 512!

4. Save the file and exit.

5. Start the game back up and revel in the lack of error messages!


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