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Shadowlands Raid Guidelines - Heroic

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Shadowlands Raid Guidelines - Heroic

Post by Sumsion » Fri Sep 11, 2020 7:52 pm

Heroic Raiding in Shadowlands - Alliance
Grievance is committed to creating a fun and positive atmosphere for players to enjoy playing World of Warcraft together. For those players who wish to raid at the heroic level, Grievance has established the following guidelines for raiding with our guild.

Heroic Raid Schedule
Grievance raids on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 - 11:00 ET (6:00 - 8:00 PT). Additionally, Grievance hosts organized mythic dungeon groups on Mondays from 8:00 - 12:00 ET (5:00 - 9:00 PT). Invites for raid events will begin fifteen minutes prior to raid time and raids will start as promptly as possible. Raid invites after the raid start are at the discretion of the raid leader. Mythic dungeon invites are more informal and will happen as groups finish a dungeon or enough people login to form a new group.

Raid Requirements
Grievance keeps a raider rank in-game to denote those players who have an interest in raiding. There are only two requirements to become a raider:
  1. You agree to come to raid if you are on-line.
  2. You agree to come prepared to raid.
In Grievance, real life comes first. To that end, Grievance has a very minimal raid attendance requirement. We ask that if you are on-line during raid time, that you join us for raiding. This means if you're a raider, you can't skip out to play other games or engage in other WoW content during raid time. Additionally, if you are going to miss more than four consecutive raids, please let the raid leader know. Raiders who miss more than four consecutive raids without notice will be demoted.

Raid preparedness includes five factors:
  1. You have achieved the minimum iLevel for the content: Castle Nathria(H): 190; Castle Nathria(N): 175. This gear must be enchanted and gemmed.
  2. You have a sufficient supply of potions for the raid. Vantus and augment runes are welcome, but optional.
  3. You have watched the instructional videos for the raid bosses - particularly any boss that we will be working on, but have not yet defeated. The raid leader will provide instructions at raid time, but he/she will focus on Grievance's implementation of the raid strategy.
  4. You must be present in the Grievance WoW-A Raid channel on Discord. No exceptions. You do not need to speak if you prefer not to, but you must be able to listen to the raid leader's verbal instructions.
  5. You must have a raid warnings mod installed: Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) and BigWigs are the most popular.
Grievance provides cauldrons and feasts for our raids. Players are encouraged to donate mats (food and flasks) to the guild bank so that we can continue to provide this perk for the guild.

Any raider that does not come to raid when on-line or comes unprepared runs the risk of losing their raider rank. This is at the sole discretion of the raid leader.

If you wish to become a raider, please message the raid leader in-game on the character you wish to raid on. The raid leader will validate your iLevel and ask if you have read and agree to the requirements in this post.

Raid Etiquette
Raiding in Grievance is meant to be a fun, social, and exciting experience. During any time other than boss fights, members are welcome to chat on Discord. During boss fights, however, we ask that you keep voice chat clear so that the raid leader may provide instructions and notifications.

Grievance is a welcoming guild for all players and any form of harassment or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. This includes officers and fellow members. We all know that raids can be exciting, frustrating, and/or stressful, but you must not vent those emotions on your guild mates. If there is an issue, you will receive a single warning. After that, the officers will take corrective action including removal from raid, removal of raider rank, and/or expulsion from the guild.

Blizzard has implemented personal loot for all raids in Shadowlands. However, they have maintained the ability for players to trade loot to other raid members if an item is not an upgrade for the original winner. If you win a piece of loot that you would like to give to the raid, link it in raid chat and eligible raiders may roll on it as we clear trash towards the next boss. Each piece of loot will be distributed to the highest roller based on the following priority: main spec, off spec, transmog.

Raid Roster
Grievance always encourages players to play the class and spec they most enjoy. However, we recognize that many players wish to play an underrepresented role/class/spec in the raid. To that end, Grievance maintains a roster of active raiders on our website. If you play a tank or healer as your main spec, you must also maintain a damage spec for your character. Due to the group composition requirements in WoW raids, we cannot guarantee that everyone who wishes to play a tank or healer will always be able to do so. We will take players' preferences into account and rotate roles at the beginning of each raid. Similarly, if a given raid does not have enough healers, the raid leader may need to limit the number of dps in the raid. The raid leader will choose who will sit for a given raid based on role (melee vs. ranged) and attendees' previous sit percentages.

Please feel free to contact an officer with any questions or feedback on these guidelines.

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