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Raid Rules

Here's all the stuff members and possible members need to read and know in order to know the 'Rules of the Road'.

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Raid Rules

Post by Nelenerap » Thu Jul 01, 2010 7:39 pm

The Raid Rules & Etiquette

This will be an ever changing document as the guild's raid needs change and evolve. Read it, understand it, and live it while raiding with Grievance!

Raid Rules & Etiquette

Grievance is a family raiding guild. This means that in game and life family comes first above all else. Unlike the hardcore raid guilds, Grievance endeavors to cater to everyoneÔÇÖs schedule so that everyone has an equal and fair chance to raid. This is done based on a players real life schedule v/s availability for raids (i.e. can only raid on weekends), and whether said person sat out the last raid or not. ItÔÇÖs not a perfect system by any means, but so far itÔÇÖs the fairest one weÔÇÖve come up with. There is no select group of raiders, there is no minimum raid attendance to raid, and the dkp system ensures that loot is distributed evenly throughout the guild based on participation (which basically means that with our system all you really have to do is be online during the raid to earn dkp and bid). The bottom line is that EVERYONE will get raid time!

With this in mind, even though we are a family guild, when we raid we are expected to be and act like a raiding guild. Most of these rules/etiquette have been around for more than a decade. These are common sense raiding guidelines that pertain to almost any game and any form of raiding. Please take the time to take them for what they are and use them to sharpen your raiding skills. For those of you just getting into raiding for the first time, this will be easier for you since you havenÔÇÖt formed any bad habits yet. Read, memorize, and learn.

Know your class role on a raid

Some of you are new to raiding and some of you have been asked by the guild to switch to another class that you may not be used to playing. Learn your role pertaining to raiding and what is expected of you. DonÔÇÖt wait till raid time to figure it out! If you have any questions at all, get with the LO as soon as possible during a non-raiding time.


Everyone online is expected to be ready to raid during raid time. Even if you are not picked for the initial foray, you may be summoned to jump in at a moments notice. We realize that some targets get old and stale to some people. Keep in mind that even if you consider it boring or not needed anymore, someone on the raid doesnÔÇÖt and may need it for an update. The guild helped you get your updates when you needed them, so the guild expects you to help those that need theirs. Be on time. Some people plan their real life schedules around these raids. No one likes to start late and end late unless absolutely necessary. Raid start time is 9pm EST with invites starting 15-20mins before that. Raids generally end at 11:30pm - midnight EST, sometimes later depending on what we are trying to accomplish.

Preparation (the action or process of making something ready for use or service or of getting ready for some occasion, test, or duty)

Preparing for a raid is of the utmost importance. Without proper preparation there can be no successful raid. Prior to raid time every potential raider must be prepared for 2-3 hours of raiding. The following is a list of what we expect for ourselves and each and everyone in the guild come raid time.

Raid Bags ÔÇô Make sure your raid bag is fully stocked prior to each raid. If you used some stuff out of it in the last raid, then take just a few minutes before you log out that night and restock it. This way you will be ready before the next raid. The list of what we expect each of you to have in your bags is sent out as an in-game mail when you join the guild. Fill your bag with these items, and then ask the RL or LO if there is anything else needed for your particular class.

Repairing Armor ÔÇô Have your armor fully repaired before a raid. We make it easy for you. There is a mender right at the raid meeting spot in the guildhall. ThereÔÇÖs really no excuse not to be 100% repaired going into a raid.

Have the right spec ÔÇô Many people have a solo/group AA spec and then you have a raid AA spec. Make sure you our going into the raid with the right spec needed. If you are uncertain what AA spec you should be using get with the LO for guidance.


In normal situations we are very friendly, chat and joke a lot. All this changes during a raid. To succeed we need to perform raids with military precision. Orders will be issued and expected to be carried out without questioning. There will often be little time to chat and joke. Performance and excellence are our keywords on raids. Often we will wipe on a target consistently until everyone gets their rhythm and learns the fight. This is all part of raiding. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it! Below is what is expected of each of you on raids, as well as some simple explanations regarding raiding.

Raid Leader

As with most raid guilds, we have a Raid Leader or people who fill those shoes when the Raid Leader is not present. This person takes the time to research our targets prior to raid time. In addition to this, the Raid Leader has a huge number of tasks to accomplish just prior to raid start in order to ensure that everyone is getting fair raid time. Sometimes this may be beneficial to you as a player, and sometimes it wonÔÇÖt seem that way. Regardless you can bet that itÔÇÖs being done fairly for the guild as a whole.

DONÔÇÖT BUG THE RAID LEADER! This person has enough on their plate as it is. Prior to, and especially during a raid, do not tell bomb the Raid Leader with complaints, tactics, suggestions, or ideas. Save it for after the raid. I promise that the officers present are discussing everything during a raid as it is. If you feel that you absolutely KNOW that something is being done wrong, then send the LO or next highest officer in the chain of command a TELL with the info (skipping the Raid Leader of course). All tells sent to the Raid Leader by a non-superior officer can and most like will be ignored during a raid.

TeamSpeak 3

We use TS during our normally day to day gaming and especially during raids. You are expected to have it installed and properly working. We donÔÇÖt care if your mic works (sometimes its better if it doesn't), but we absolutely expect your headphones/speakers to work. If they have broken since you joined the guild (it is a requirement), then go to Wal-Mart and pick up a cheap $15 pair from the electronic section.

Speaking in TS during raids

Due to the nature of our guild, we usually donÔÇÖt say much when members cut up or joke around while we are killing trash mobs in a raid zone (unless things are going badly). We do however expect people to keep vent relatively clear during fights against boss mobs. Most of these fights take coordination and concentration. Unless asked to otherwise, donÔÇÖt talk during these times. If you arenÔÇÖt sure whether you should be taking or not, donÔÇÖt. The Raid Leader will let you know at the beginning of the fight whether you should be or not.

Respect the Raid Leader

I donÔÇÖt care if you like a particular Raid Leader or not, treat the Raid Leader on a raid with the respect that you would like him/her to treat you with. I donÔÇÖt expect each and every one of you to like every Raid Leader in the guild. However it is disrespectfully, demoralizing, and just plain rude to backtalk or be belligerent to the Raid Leader during a raid. This can, and most likely will, get you removed from the current raid. None of you would want to be treated this way if you were leading a raid, so I expect no of you to treat anyone leading a raid this way!

Ninja AFKing

NEVER leave your keyboard without letting the Raid Leader know and then putting up your AFK tag until you get back. We understand that in addition to raiding, all of us have real life things and issues to deal with at the same time. If you have an emergency that requires tending then this is one of those times speaking up in vent is most definitely acceptable. Ninja AFKing will get you kicked from a raid. It is unfair to those raiding with you. We try to give many breaks during a raid so that everyone can devote their full attention while raiding.

Raid Roles

Everyone has some sort of role or position to fill during a raid. The following is a general summery of the roles we currently use on ours.

Raid Leader (RL) - The Raid Leader is responsible for reaching the goals of the Raid. He decides on tactics, delegates and issues orders to reach these goals. He is the general of the raid. On a raid you never question or argue about the Raid Leaders orders (only his superiors are allowed to do that). Feedback will be welcome after the raid. During the raid itself we have to focus on performance, not discussions. The Raid Leader decides who will carry out the other roles of the raid.

Main Assist (MA) - This person directs the DPS of the raid force to the proper target to kill during a battle. ALL dps in the raid (unless needed otherwise) needs to be assisting the MA at ALL times! If needed, lazy assist (Target the MA directly and nuke his/her target.) but be prepared to hard target the mob by having an assist key made prior to each raid. If you don't know how to make an assist key....ask someone.

Looter - This person is the person that you send your tells to when bidding DKP on loot dropped unless directed otherwise. Make sure that when bidding you tell the Looter WHAT you are bidding on & how many points you're willing to spend! After the bids are taken the Looter will then distribute the loot to each winner citing what that person won,what their bid was, and what they actually paid for the item.

Main Tank (MT) - Commonly referred to as the meat shield. The MTÔÇÖs job is to get the mob(s) to focus all attention on him/her. This is so that the rest of the raid force can stay alive longer and fill their roles during a battle. ONLY plate wearing classes are expected to fill the MT role in a raid unless the encounter specifically requires a certain non-plate class. IF neither of these applies then donÔÇÖt bug the Raid Leader about wanting a shot at MTing. ItÔÇÖs not going to happen.

Positioning ÔÇô NEVER hit the mob before the MT has it turned and positioned properly. This will usually lead to you dying a rather quick death and even possibly wiping the raid force. Be patient and wait for the MT to establish control.

Stealing Agro ÔÇô Whether by your fault or the tankÔÇÖs this does happen from time to time. If you gain agro (the mobs full attention) then stop attacking at once and RUN to the tank! The tank can not come to you. Doing so can and most likely will wipe the raid force (usually due to the mobÔÇÖs AEs going off in the wrong place at the wrong time). If you donÔÇÖt run to the tank, then the tank will let you die where you stand at which point the mob will usually return to the tank anyway.

Leading off with your biggest hit  Dont start off with your highest damage dealing spell or ability right off the bat. Ease in to the fight for a few seconds so that the MT can establish agro control over the mob. Leading off with your biggest hit usually leads to stealing agro. But I use my biggest hit so that it will refresh before the end of the fight.  We dont care. Its not about you, its about the overall success of the raid.

Off Tank (OT) ÔÇô Some raids require to tanks based on tactics. The ST is usually called upon to either off tank a second mob during the named fight and/or multiple additional mobs that may come with the named mob. The rules above that apply to the MT ALSO apply to the ST during these situations.

Healers ÔÇô This is generalizing a bit, but if you are a healer your job is to keep the raid force alive. Healers not in the MT group are expected to dps whenever possible as well. This assists the raid force in killing mobs before they kill us. There are, of course, exceptions to this and will be announced prior to pulling a mob. If you have any questions regarding your particular role in a raid, or how to heal AND do dps, get with the LO.

Support ÔÇô These are the classes that usually provide certain buffs and abilities that make a raid successful. Support classes are commonly used to increase resistances, mitigation, avoidance, dps, and health/power regen of one or more members of a raid. Most people who play support classes have done so from the start with raiding in mind.

DPS ÔÇô These are the main damage dealers or the raid. Certain dps classes may have raid beneficial abilities that contribute to the general raid, but overall these players are here to deal damage and a whole lot of it. If you are not sure you are DPS or uncertain if you are speced right for this role then get with the LO.

After the Raid

This is the time when you ask/post the questions that you had in mind, restock your raid bags, and repair (if you wonÔÇÖt be on till next raid). Take this time to get with the LO and discuss tactics and issues relating to your class/role in the raid if you wish. Most officers tend to hang around a little bit after a raid and are more than eager to help you with your issues/questions.


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