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Grievance Everquest II Charter

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Grievance Everquest II Charter

Post by Liette » Sat Apr 13, 2013 3:21 pm

Grievance Everquest II Charter

Grievance is a family friendly raiding guild.
We have a very rich and honorable heritage that spans many games over many years. The leadership of Grievance has almost an accumulated century of leadership and raiding. To be a part of Grievance is to be Honor incarnate. Grievance is one of the few remaining guilds that raids, yet still manages to keep a tight family atmosphere.

Our raid times are based on American time zones and usually during the evening. Occasionally Grievance may schedule daytime raids on the weekends. If this is not for you.......Don't apply.

This charter WILL change as the guild grows and matures. The application & promotion process WILL become more complicated and harder as the guild grows. The Guild Leader reserves the right to make changes on the spot rulings to this policy at any time, including on the spot if needed, in order to correct loopholes and keep things fair.

Guild Leader Clause
The Guild Leader reserves the right to make decisions that may at times supersede and/or contradict the charter and policies of the guild. These decisions must never be made lightly and always be done with the betterment of the guild as a whole in mind. The Guild Leader also has last word on all decisions concerning the guild, guild site, charter, and/or anything pertaining to EQ2 Grievance at any time.

Common Sense Clause
No policy is 100 percent safe from exploitation and the officers are here to make sure all things are done fairly. All changes made to the charter in this matter will be reviewed by the Guild Leader before being set in stone.

Raid Leader Clause
During raids (and only during raids) the RL has the ability to override standard loot & raid rules for the betterment of the guild. A Raid Leader is defined as the person who is leading a scheduled guild raid. These decisions should never be taken lightly and should ALWAYS be thought out and discussed with the other officers online before being TEMPORARILY implemented. Long-term repercussions should be taken into account before any final decision is made during a raid.

Uber Inquisitor breastplate drops during raid and the only Inquisitor present has no points to bid on it. Breastplate is extremely rare and would better be utilized on said player rather being transmuted.

The Guild
The advancement of the guild is all-important. Guild progress equals personal progress. If you are not willing to sacrifice everything for the progress of the guild then stop reading now. You will not fit in.

The Guild's Responsibility to you the player:
The guild is responsible for your main character and only your main character. As a guild we will help gear you up with great items and help you complete the necessary quests needed to progress your toon throughout Norrath and beyond. You (the player) are responsible for your own actions and all other characters you may play from time to time. Very rarely will the guild intentionally hold events/raids with the sole intentions of specifically progressing anyone's alt character. If said alt happens to get on a raid and even receives good loot from that raid, consider yourself lucky.

Requirements to join Grievance in Everquest II:
- Applicant MUST register on the Grievance forums prior to invite.
- Applicant MUST be 18yrs of age or older. Exceptions may be made for real life friends / family.
- Applicant MUST have Discord downloaded and able to fully communicate with other players.
- Applicant MUST have read the Grievance Organizational Charter AND this Charter prior to joining.
- Recruits must be of minimum guild level (Exceptions may be made based on need or those that are RL friends or family with a current member in good standing time of application) to join and be one of the needed classes that the guild is currently looking for (ask a recruiting officer if interested).
- Recruits must have their Resolve @1,100+ and Potency @ 40k (self-buffed only).
RL Friends & Family members MUST apply just like everyone else but are not bound by minimum recruiting standards. Only those members who hold the Member Rank or above within the guild, may submit RL friends and family to the guild for invitation.
Anyone let in that does not meet minimum standards (usually friends/family) will remain in "Recruit" status until he/she achieves minimum standards. Once minimum standards are achieved then said "Recruit" will be promoted to Member. Based on Officer decision your recruit period could be extended. The exception to this is where said "Recruit" is a returning member that plays a class the guild does not need and has been asked by the Guild Leader and/or the Raid Leader to level up a different class in order to better help the guild. This returning member will be promoted to the highest non-officer rank achieved prior to leaving the guild. Said returning applicant is by no means required to changes classes and such a decision is voluntary.
***Recruits will be eligible to earn DKP.***
Be realistic with your expectations. If you are looking for a 6-7 day a week raiding guild, then we're not what you are looking for. Grievance raids 3-4 times a week.

Guild Ranking System

Guild Leader
Senior Officer (XO, RL, RO, LO)
Junior Officer

Veteran Member

Officer Ranks
Officers are appointed by the Guild Leader. The officers of Grievance are always expected to work as a team and make decisions for betterment of the guild as a whole. Grievance's officers will provide guidance and leadership to its members to help the guild achieve the goals that it has set forth. All decisions made by the officers will be in line with the charter and in the interest of fairness to Grievance and its members.

Guild Leader (GL)
The Guild Leader is responsible for the overall smooth running of the guild, the guild site, and anything else pertaining to Grievance. It is the Guild Leader's responsibility to set in game & out of game (if necessary) goals for the guild to provide the proper direction & course for Grievance. The Guild Leader has the final say so on all things pertaining to the workings of the guild and its membership. At any time, the Guild Leader may assume the responsibilities of any other officer position within the guild if necessary and can override any decision made by another officer if said decision is deemed to be detrimental to the guild.

Executive Officer (XO)
The XO is literally a direct extension of the GL and only answers to the GL. The XO is in complete charge of the guild whenever the GL is not present and has the GL's authority to make on-the-spot decisions for the betterment of the guild if needed. As with the GL, the XO can assume other officer positions if needed. The XO will also be responsible for Grievance's Guildhall and all things pertaining within its walls. The XO can override another officer's decision (except for the GL) if deemed necessary.

Raid Leader (RL)
The RL is responsible for setting up and scheduling the guild's raid schedule on a weekly basis. Schedules will be posted in the guild MotD & posted on the guild site's calendar. Raid schedules must be submitted to the GL in advance for approval before being posted. During raids it is expected that the RL will lead the raid unless otherwise stated. All decisions pertaining to raiding fall into the RL's hands unless overridden by the GL or the XO. The RL has the authority to make on-the-spot raid decisions during a raid where such decisions may not be covered by the guild's charter. The RL is considered the third in command of the guild and only answerable to the GL and the XO.

Recruiting Officer (RO)
The RO is responsible for all matters pertaining to recruitment. It is the RO's responsibility to indoctrinate (or have indoctrinated) new members into the guild by going over with said recruit how the guild operates and what is expected of him/her. It is the RO's responsibility to ensure that Grievance has the proper classes needed to achieve the goals set forth by the GL for the guild. In the event that the GL, XO, and RL are not present, the RO will be in charge of the guild and may make decisions for the guild once verbal consent is obtained from the GL, XO, or RL. At no time is the RO to remove anyone from the guild or deviate from the guild's goals unless this consent is obtained first!

Logistics Officer (LO)
The LO is responsible for gathering and deciphering the multitude of information needed by the officers and members. The LO's responsibilities include, but are by no means limited to, posting and deciphering parses from raids, evaluating how our members (especially the recruits) are doing on raids, posting needed information pertaining to raids (statics, resists needed, tricks, etc....), Assisting the GL & RO with evaluating classes needed by the guild. If the GL, XO, RL, and RO were to be considered the heart of the guild, then the LO would be the veins that provided the blood to all the needed parts.

Task Leader (TL)
Task Leaders are directly responsible for certain tasks within the guild itself. These tasks can range from managing the Guild Bank, organizing crafters, assisting with recruiting, or just being responsible for get groups going daily. Task Leaders are appointed by the Guild Leader and considered Junior Officers within the guild.

Member Ranks
As with all guilds, the members make up the soul of the guild. Member ranks are as follows........

Raiders obviously take priority over members for raid placement during raids. Raiders may earn/spend DKP normally.

Veteran Member
Veteran Members have proven their worth to the leadership and are afforded preferred treatment of raid placement if there are spots open and no Raiders online to fill them.

Members are those that have met or exceeded the guidelines set for the Recruit.

When guilded, a new member is considered a recruit and has three weeks to meet certain guild qualifications. These requirements are as follows:
- Lvl 110 raiding main
- Must have at least 1100 Resolve
- Must have at least 40k Potency
- Must be able to listen to Discord. (Speaking is not necessary)
- All spells and abilities Expert or above
- Been tagged in guild for minimum of 3 weeks
- Must be registered with the website (ucp.php?mode=register)
- Must have met any other class specific requirements set by Raid Leader or Logistics officer

At the end of a recruit's three-week trial period it will be decided by the officers whether they should be promoted, have their probation extended, or rejected. If a recruit does not log on for more than three weeks in a row (without giving the leadership notice) while in the recruit position, then said recruit will be automatically rejected.

This ‘holding tank’ is for those toons that aren’t played frequently. All alts must have the associated main’s name in the guild notes field of the Guild Roster. Failure to do this will result in the toon being classified as Retired and will fall under the Retired time constraints on being logged in.

Vanishing Members
Members may be removed for lack of logging on for long periods of time. The following is a list of these time constraints based on rank......

Officer – Reduced to Member at discretion of the Guild Leader.
Raider - Will be reduced to Member when their 90 day attendance falls below 50%.
Veteran Member/Member - 120 days (moved to Retired status by Officer discretion)
Recruit - 21days
Retired - 1yr

Anyone removed for these reasons may get back in under the "one freebie" policy except for Recruits that were removed. Recruits that were removed for this reason MUST petition the Leadership for re-admittance. Players who posted in the AFK forums will not be subject to these actions unless deemed necessary by the Recruiting Officer and the Guild Leader.

Three Strike Rule
Strike one!
All members are allowed one free pass back into the guild (no questions asked) unless they were kicked out or left on bad terms. Said members will have their points reset to zero and start over in the DKP system as if they were new to the guild. Any member that got kicked out and/or left on bad terms please refer below to "Strike two!” You used your first strike.

Strike two!
If a member has left the guild a second time ~or~ had been removed and/or left on bad terms. Said member must present his/her case in front of a board of officers (that must include the Guild Leader) to state their case for re-admittance into the guild. Said officers will discuss the applicant's case then the Guild Leader will decide based on the information at hand. As in the above paragraph, said member will have their points reset back to zero upon being re-guilded should they be deemed worthy.

Strike three!
If any member has left Grievance for twice for any reason other than RL circumstances then said member is not welcome back into the family. Grievance does not believe in a revolving door policy and expects its members to think before they act too hastily when it comes to de-guilding oneself.

The Guild Leader and/or Grievance Council reserve the right to override any of the above for the betterment of Grievance.

Alts in the guild
Recruits are not allowed to guild their alts until reaching full member status. Once a member reaches full member status, he/she may guild up to three alts. After said full member achieves the rank of Veteran Member, he/she may guild up to four more additional alts up to a total of eight guilded characters.

Multi-boxing (playing more than 1 toon at once) & grouping with guild mates (loot drops):
If you are two-boxing and are grouping with guildies the following loot rules will apply at all times.........

1- Declare to the group which toon you will be using to lotto with on total lotto rolls.
2- NBG - Any toon in a group may participate in a roll on a NBG item as long as said toon rolling can consider it an upgrade.
3- Total Lotto Rolls - Multi-boxers are only allowed to participate in a TOTAL random item roll with only ONE toon. This means that if an item drops that no one can use then each player may roll on said item (not each toon). Some items that fall in this category are Mastery Quest items, Items no-one can NBG on, Spells/Abilities that can't be used by anyone present and will probably not be needed by the guild (cause guild is already total equipped with it), & anything else that is questionable.
4- But my sister's brother's nephew is playing my other toon!
Too bad.

Two-Boxing during a raid
At no time will a player be asked to two-box (or more) during a raid if it means that someone else must sit out. However, in certain circumstances where the raid is short on participants it may become necessary for a player to do just this. When this occurs the rules for playing a requested alt will be applied and the individual will be allowed to bid using their individual DKP Pool for either of the toons.

Playing another player's character on raids
Occasionally, the guild may be short on certain classes that are absolutely needed for the raid to succeed. At no time should anyone be punished for willingly dropping their own toon and picking up someone else’s for the good of the guild. When this happens said player that is playing another member's toon must camp their main toon at the entrance to the raid instance (make sure you can enter said instance with main) prior to logging in the other member's character.

All points earned will be assigned to the player and not to the owner of the character that he/she is playing. Said player may bid on any item that drops that is considered needed by his/her main.

At no time should will points be used for bidding for the other member's toon that is being played by another member. Exceptions to this would be that if no one else on the raid needs, or if the raid as a whole decides to give loot to the character being played, but that decision must be in general consensus of the raid force.

The decision to have a player play another member's character can only be decided by the Raid Leader, Guild Leader, or current officer leading the raid at that time. A member will ONLY be asked to play another member's toon instead of his/her own if it means that the raid would totally fail without the needed class requested. At no time is any member of Grievance required to play another member's toon.

The only exception to the above is the MT/ST gear-up clause which dictates that we as a guild will endeavor to equip our two tanks for the betterment of the guild for raiding.

- Raiding is the Primary focus of this guild. If you do not wish to raid.......Don't join.
- Attendance to raids is Mandatory. (If you’re online, you’re in raid.)
- Only the Guild Leader or Raid Leader may schedule a raid.
- Failure to be on time for a raid will result in point fines.
- Raids will be scheduled 24-48hrs in advance, unless a "Call to Arms (CTA)" is issued.
- Rares will be looted by an officer and deposited in the Guild Bank to be distributed for needed spells/items for classes. These items are distributed to improve overall guild raiding and not with any one individual player in mind

General Raid Rules
- Cash Loot on raids will go to the Guild bank unless the Guild leader or Raid leader decide that it can be on auto split.
- Loot WILL be done on a DKP system basis
- If a raid member is found to be disruptive or uncooperative during a raid, the Raid Leader has the right to eject said member from the raid. If this happens, the ejected member will be docked 10 points and will be subject to guild membership review.

Showing up for scheduled raids
All members are expected to show up to raids on time barring any RL circumstances that may not make this possible. By showing up to the designated raid meeting spot prior to the raid starting (not afterwards), said member will earn 1 point. Once roll call has been taken, members who were not chosen to go on the scheduled raid may choose from the following options.

- Take their 1 point and run. Said member decides that he/she does not wish to earn full points or bid on loot dropped and decides to either log or remain in game doing their own thing.

- Full points earned with loot options. Said member may decide to run writs, participate in a guild group working toward guild goals (i.e. helping someone work on gearing up to meet raiding minimums), or doing something beneficial to the guild.

- Full points earned with loot options. Said member may decide to stay in an adjacent zone and wait at the door in case needed immediately by the raid force. These members will be chosen first (if their class is the one needed) to replace those in raid when deemed necessary by the Raid Leader.

As always it is important to remember that Grievance is a raid guild, and no matter what choice above that a member makes, said member can and will be called into a raid at any time while online if needed.

If a member is not picked to be on the immediate raid force and desires to take one of the three options listed below, the said member MUST notify the RL of his/her intent!

Guild Group Option
Grievance is all about goals and goal setting. If a group of players that weren't picked to go with the raid force wish to work on guild goals for each other during the raid rather than writs then said group may do so and still earn points (see Points System)

Benefiting The Guild
Another way of earning full points is doing something that benefits the guild through a player's actions while the raid is in progress. Such actions can include, but not limited to, leveling their main toon if not max level yet, helping someone level up their main toon, working on quests associated with guild goals, & gearing up. Determination of beneficial actions will be handled on a case by case basis and approved by the either the Raid Leader and/or the highest ranking officer online at the time.

Members who are not flagged to enter the guild's selected raid instance may still earn full points by doing any of the above, but will not be eligible for loot options due to the fact that said player cannot enter the zone.

CTA - Call To Arms
A "Call to Arms" is called when a highly contested creature has spawned. Once a CTA has been issued, all guild members online must report at the designated meeting place (will be announced when issued) immediately. Only an officer can issue a CTA.

If no Officer is online then there will NOT be a guild CTA. The member who saw the contested creature should disclose this information to the guild for any assistance from members willing to participate. Guild members in this situation may obtain any outside assistance they can to complete this as a personal challenge. In such an instance as this (w/o an Officer) points will not be used and loot distribution is up to the players involved.

Procedures leading up to a CTA are as important as calling a CTA. When a CTA creature has been spotted by a guildie, said guildie should immediately send a /tell to an Officer with the following information........

- Which creature
- Location
- Any other info the member feels is pertinent

If no Officer is online then please ignore the above steps.

Once the creature has been identified, the Officer will immediately confer with other online officers to check the feasibility of attacking said CTA creature. If the OFFICERS deem that chances are good for success then a CTA will be issued in guild chat multiple times to ensure that members see the message.

If at any time a guild member discloses this info to another non-guild member prior to completion of the CTA, said member MAY be subject to immediate disciplinary action and possible dismissal from the guild - if the situation is deemed severe enough. Such severe disciplinary action such as a dismissal from guild should be a last resort and based more on the offender's attitude toward the situation rather than just the situation itself. .

Only the Guild Leader, Raid Leader, or sanctioned officers (by the GL or RL) can lead pointed raids. A Sanctioned Officer is defined as an Officer who has permission from the GL / RL to lead said raid. Raid Leaders for these types of raids must have a current points list in advance of the raid.

Each item is assigned a bid taker. The bid taker is the person taking points for that said item. The bid taker will be stated in voice and guild chat after the officers decide who is best to take points on this item. You should read guild chat carefully or you risk sending in your bids to the person who will be bidding against you. Raid loot will not be lottoed and will be pointed on at the end of the raid for Droppable loot or right after the item drops for No-Trade items. Depending on tactics, some raids may have more than 1 bid taker. The bid taker is responsible for announcing the loot drops and handling bids to distribute them.

Point System
The Guild has a very extensive point system. The point system is designed to reward members proportionately for the effort that they put into the Guild. Points are kept track of by using a point-tracking program on the site. Points are earned by attending raids. These points are then used to bid on items that are looted.

Alts and Points
Occasionally the guild MAY need someone to play their alt instead of their main. This decision will be made by whoever is leading the raid at the time. If you are asked to play an alt over your main, you will be able to bid NEED on both your MAIN and the requested ALT. This is because if the guild is asking for you to play a specific toon, then there’s obviously a need for that class in the raid and we need ALL members of the raid force geared equally.

Changing your main character
Occasionally (for whatever reason) a member desires to change the main toon that they play in the guild. Here are the necessary steps to do this................

1. In order for one to change their main, one must first have a current main that meets Grievance raid minimum standards as well as an alt that does as well. Once this is proved, said player must petition the RL/LO for permission to change their main.

2. After completing the above steps, said player must seek final approval from the Guild Leader for the change to become official.

3. Upon changing mains, the player’s accrued DKP will be transferred over to the new character. Changing mains must be considered very carefully by all involved in the process. It should be further noted that each request will be handled on a case by case basis with the betterment of the guild in mind as always.

Master Spell Policy (raid dropped)
Master spells dropped on raids will be bid rolled on by all mains attending the raid that can use the spell. If only one member of the class that can use said master is on raid, then that master WILL default to that player. The exception to this is the MT/ST clause where those masters will default to first the MT then the ST if either of them need. ALL master spells not given to raid attendees will be looted by the RL, placed in the Guild Bank, and issued out via the below policy.

The Officers then distribute the masters to their class based on a number of things. Some of these are.........

- Raid attendance
- Play style
- Frequency in game
- Whether a person donates masters or not.

Any master spells that the guild has an overabundance of may be sold on the broker to buy other needed masters for the guild or transmuted for supplies.

Raid Dropped Quest Items
If a quest item drops and you’re on the applicable step, then you will /ran 100 for the item. The individual that rolls the highest gets the item.

General Rules & "Play Nice" Rules
- No Snubbing (This is where a player leaves a guild group to join another group for no apparent justification other than just switching groups)
- No extensive swearing or swearing directly at fellow guild members.
- No political, racial, or religious slurs.
- No excessive sexual chatting.
- Members are required to at least listen in Discord. Since this is a free service & earphones are extremely inexpensive, this should not be a problem.
- If you are caught applying for another guild while still in Grievance your main and all alts will be removed immediately.
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