Grievance open Council meeting on Sunday 26th of July at 7:00 CST
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Alliance Application

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Alliance Application

Post by Kipli » Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:14 pm

Age: 37

Timezone: PST

Location: Seattle

What do you do IRL? I am on disability with chronic depression.

Hobbies: Writing, gaming, reading, knitting. My dog Max.

How did you find Grievance? Through Silverdreams

If you were referred to us by a current member, please state whom: Silverdreams

Brief description of your gaming history: I've played PC games most of my life. My first MMO was Everquest and I jumped to WoW when it launched. I've been playing since launch, sometimes raiding and sometimes casual. I also like RPGs and shooters.

What are your regular play times? Off and on between 2 PM PST and 11 PM PST

What type of gameplay are you interested in: PVE. Mostly casual play with some transmog or very casual raiding. Mythics. Dungeons.

What is the name of the character with which you would like to join Grievance? Tyntha

Anything else you would like to add? Looking to find a "home" I really click with.

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Re: Alliance Application

Post by kuroikenshin » Sun Jul 26, 2020 1:56 pm

Welcome to Grievance Kipli and thank you for joining us on the Alliance side! You will have to wait until your account is upgraded to member status in order to have full access to the forums and Discord. You will know this has occurred when your name changes color from pink to orange.

Your officers for the WoW-A group are:

Sumsion (Britten) - Guild Leader
Savvanti - Executive Officer (XO)
Cintress, Sttug, Defpool, et al(Kuroikenshin) - Recruiting Officer
Airspace - Logistics Officer
Keet - Warlord, PVP Officer
Athaulf - General Officer

Contact any one of us in game for a guild invite.

Once you are upgraded, you can set up Discord by following this link HERE.

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