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Post by HolyFlux » Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:20 pm

Timezone: EDT
Location: New England
What do you do IRL? make ones and zeros go places and do stuff.
Hobbies: Gaming, fixing/tweaking with computers
How did you find Grievance? Been in Grievance for a while now, orginally join via rift
Brief description of your gaming history: mostly play FPS and RPG (normal RPG and MMORPG), with some RTS's and puzzle games every now and then. Most recently ive played, ESO,Ragnarok 2, tera, SWL, Bloodlines, uplink,ghost recon wildland, soma, division, and division 2.
What are your regular play times? evening and late night during weeks, weekends will add in the afternoon time frame.
What type of gameplay are you interested in: Dungeons Runs (Normal/Heroic/Mythic), PVE-Raids (if time permits), Farming/crafting, and Leveling.
What is the name of the character with which you would like to join Grievance? BearFlux-Thrall and MonkFlux-Thrall
Anything else you would like to add? Bearflux is my 120 druid (resto/bear) and Monkflux is just a lowbie I'm leveling at moment(will end up Brew/Mist probably). have a few other toons that will probably get transferred over just haven't got that far yet. 1 more other thing, most people just call me flux first half of my name changes, last half does for alts :-)

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