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Guild Application

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Guild Application

Post by Witless » Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:34 pm

Hello. Here's hoping I do this correctly...

In game name? @Witless91

Discord? Witless#4779

Age? 54

Time Zone? CST

Hobbies outside of gaming? Reading, binging, Sports (mostly watching these days) and relaxing with my family.

What brought you to Grievance? I've been wanting to get involved with a multi gaming guild and have seen your name in the past. You have a couple of new members in the WOW Classic guild that are friends and they speak highly of y'all. Since I wanted to play ESO I felt it was the perfect to apply to y'all for.

Brief description of your gaming history? Nothing but Sports games and RPGs on console until my friend introduced me to EQ in 2001. I haven't looked back and have been mainly playing MMORPGs, and have recently found the Survival genre to be fun. Favorite games that I've played/play are EQ, EQ2,LotRO, ESO, Valheim and 7d2d.

What are your regular play times? M-Th 5-7P, F 5-? Sat and Sun anytime for multiple hours.

Are you a competitive or casual player? Casually Competitive? Time wise is casual, but I do like to compete and win.

Please list the following game activities in order of most important to least important to you:

PvE and PvP


Anything else you'd like to share about yourself? Can't think of anything but I am happy to answer questions. Thanks for the time.

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Re: Guild Application

Post by Liette » Thu Jun 10, 2021 6:58 pm

Welcome Witless!

Our guild leader Static likes to share the following information:

Please familiarize yourself with:
  • Also, when you have access to our member forums, look up Static Recharge’s sticky post:
    "Grievance ESO Handbook" in the ESO members forum to answer a lot of basic questions about the guild.
Once your board status is upgraded to recruit and your forum name changes from pinkish, you'll see our Discord info at the top of the forums.

Get invited to Grievance ESO in game!
Please join us on discord to say hello and let us personally welcome you and invite you into the guild in game!
A reminder that our PVP focus in ESO is Aldmeri Dominion.

Other cool stuff about Grievance:
  • We have a Twitch channel, which is often streaming games during prime time.
  • Grievance is like a family, and we meet up every year or so (global events willing) at our Family Reunion

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