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KhaoticCurse's application

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KhaoticCurse's application

Post by KhaoticCurse » Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:35 pm

In game @name (account name)?
Khao Tic The Shadowed


time zone?
UTC-5:00 Eastern time (U.S/Canada)

Hobbies outside of gaming?

What brought you to Grievance?
was looking for a guild as i am new and your description was pretty eye catching and not as confusing to a new player such as my self, unlike quite a few of the other guilds.

Brief description of your gaming history?
I have been playing video games since 1999, so roughly 20 years now, ive played a large variety of genres and titles. As far as platforms go, for the longest time i was a sony fanboy, until the quality and maturity of the online demographic went down the drain for playstation network, after that i switched to xbox, and then eventually pc.

What are your regular play times? Usually in the evening unless i have the day off.

Are you a competitive or casual player?
honestly it really just depends on the genre of the game im playing, or how into i can get with a certain group of people, i was heavily into group pvp on Jade dynasty before the starfall expansion, and I do get extremely competitive when it comes to FPS games.

Please list the following game activities in order of most important to least important to you:
Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?
im honestly looking for a guild thats willing to help me learn how to play this game, and to make quite a few friends that will last a while, i love the elder scrolls universe, and know that i cant enjoy this game to the fullest by my self.

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Re: KhaoticCurse's application

Post by Semner » Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:23 am


And now, an official message from me, your recruiting officer....

Please familiarize yourself with:
  • Also, when you have access to our member forums, look up Static Recharge’s sticky post:
    "Grievance ESO Handbook" in the ESO members forum to answer a lot of basic questions about the guild.
Once your board status is upgraded to recruit and your forum name changes from pinkish, you'll see our Discord info at the top of the forums.
Hop on and get to know us or to grab an invite.

Get invited to Grievance ESO in game!
Currently, the best way to get an invite in-game is from our main officers in Discord.
A reminder that our PVP focus in ESO is Aldmeri Dominion.

Other cool stuff about Grievance:
  • We have a Twitch channel, which is often streaming games during prime time.
  • Grievance is like a family, and we meet up every year or so at our Family Reunion

Grievance on Social Media:
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Re: KhaoticCurse's application

Post by Static Recharge » Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:07 pm

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