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Drackzerk App

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Drackzerk App

Post by Drackore » Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:31 pm

Hiyas. So I am a long time player that has gone through my on again/off again periods. I started as a Templar (Drackore, lvl 110) but when PoP came out I switched my main to a Berserker (Drackzerk, lvl 110). I was tanking heroics in PoP and then took a hiatus.

I am in TDC (Thulian Destiny Crew). I am actually the original founder. I can't pull Drackore from TDC because I need one toon to try to keep it on life support. I am not actively recruiting for TDC though - my goal is simply to keep it alive until days end.

So I guess that is what brings me to you. Of all the other guilds recruiting, yours is the only one I remember from my previous stints. That tells me you are well established. Visiting your web page and seeing you have branched out to other games as well is something that caught my interest. I do have a few toons on ESO, but am not currently playing (I can't focus on more than one game at a time).

Anyways, I am 47 yrs old, live in San Antonio. I just retired from the Air Force back in May. I am started online classes next week. I have a lot of free time, lol.

I am looking to gear up and raid. I haven't done a single heroic since returning. Trying - but everyone is on experts now so it's hard to find a heroic group...but I will.

I am a bit of an altaholic:

Drackzerk 110 Berzerker/110 Armorsmith
Drackore 110 Templar/110 Sage (my main TS'er - tinkerer/adorner/celestial infuser)
Drackhunt 60ish Ranger/110 Woodworker
Drackwild 110 Beastlord/110 Jeweler
Izic 110 Necro/110 Weaponsmith
Sourrz 110 SK/110 Provisioner
Izlock 110 Warlock/110 Tailor (recently made with the 110 lvl baubles - never really played except to make MC tailor stuff)

I'm in game most of the days and evenings. If not in game, I'm probably not too far from my computer.

Discord: DrackoreUSAF (nick: Drack)

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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Re: Drackzerk App

Post by Lolaine » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:08 pm

Hi and Welcome
One of the nice things about this guild is once you find a home you can play in a lot of different game.
TDC is a guild name i do remember from a couple of years past ;)
look for any of the guild members to shoot you an invite

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