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New PC build help.

Got a piece of computer gaming hardware you're crazy about, or have questions about? Let us know!
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New PC build help.

Post by Sovi_Oso » Tue Aug 20, 2019 8:22 pm

I am looking to build a new PC or buy one from an online retailer like CUK, iBuyPower, or similar. Fairly cheap but with a good upgrade path, so I would prefer AMD, probably. Also looking to make this set up a basic Stream package, so dual monitors, i have a keyboard, mouse, a HyperX Cloud Revolver (?), and a Blue Snowball for mic. I am not really concerned about a camera to start out with either. maybe down the line. Any help would be reviewed and considered. I am looking to build/buy this around Black Friday/Cyber Monday of 2019.

Possible Specs: (I really only play WoW, so that's what I would like to push FPS for)
Processor: AMD 3400G (APU) so I can get started right away and get a GPU later.
Motherboard: I don't have a lot of room, so mATX maximum, preferably mITX.
RAM: 16 or 32 GB, not sure.
GPU: nothing to start with, then probably a RADEON 5600 or is it 5700?
Storage: m.2 SSDs are pretty fairly priced right now, for OS and most used apps w/ a HDD for mass storage.
PSU: I am thinking at least 550w, 80+ Gold minimum, and Fully Modular (I might get sleeved cables for looks later)
Case: for mATX, darkflash DLM 21 or 22 / for mITX, Phanteks Evolv or shift or Fractal Design Node 202
anything else, i don't really know. I have built a few systems before, but I really just go off of parts lists I'm given.

Again, any help or input appreciated.

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