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Getting a little more out of your EQ2 toon. Hot Tip!

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Getting a little more out of your EQ2 toon. Hot Tip!

Post by Deboman » Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:31 pm

Tip 1:
Ok- so lets get you a 6%-12% increase in damage and an extra 15-30 million hit points.

To do this equip 5 hour+ Mastercrafted food and drink (from new expansion), enter any solo instance and manually drink/eat them in the solo instance- STATS WILL NOT REFLECT IN THE INSTANCE- once you leave tho you will have boosted primary stats for a large damage increase and a large hit point boost for the duration of that food and drink. This may get patched so use it while you can.

Tip 2:
They updated the new "Maintained machine coating" to go on more items then the previous expansion use it for a boost in hp and they ninja fixed the Maintained machine coating [2H] to work on all ranged slot items for an extra 40% you may not currently be getting.

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