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Hello from Dual Universe

Post your application here if you're applying to any Embassy.
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Hello from Dual Universe

Post by Cadhla » Thu May 07, 2020 8:26 am

BETA is coming soon! Once BETA is here the NDA will be lifted, and the servers will be online all the time (minus obvious maintenance).

Once BETA is open I will have at least one BETA Key available. I am looking for someone in Grievance that would like to play that is really enthused by the game and will stay in the game. If you are interested, please create an account on the Dual Universe Community page, and then apply to the Grievance Corporation. I check there several times per week. Please also message me here on Grievance as well with the name used in the Dual Universe application. All of the links for these and some information links are included below.

The website for the game is:
Game trailer video is:
Dual Universe YouTube Channel:
Dual Universe - Create Account:
Grievance Corporation on Dual Universe Forums:
Dual Universe Lore and stories can be found here: ... ark-agora/

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