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Grievance in AAU!

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Grievance in AAU!

Post by Jakrae » Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:25 pm

Grievance family! We are in Archeage - Unchained!

More information will be posted here. When this is updated, it will be announced in Discord as well.

Server - Wynn
Faction - West (Nuian Alliance)

Embassy Leader: Jakrae
XO: Blakerandy97

More officer positions are open. If you are interested, send me or Blakerandy97 a PM here or on Discord (Jakrae#6486, blakerandy97#0707)

We do not have an official recruiter right now, so that means we are all recruiters! Let's build!

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Re: Grievance in AAU!

Post by Hikken » Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:11 am


I have a level 32 Ebonsong on Tyrenos named Cikken. I just started playing 2 days ago so I do not have a huge investment. Do we have a presence on that server? Is the West faction on Wynn open for registering new characters?

I would be willing to create a new character on Wynn.

Let me know.



P.S. - I will try to create a new character on Wynn the next time that I am on.

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