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Hardware suggestions?

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Hardware suggestions?

Post by Sirmalekk » Fri Mar 26, 2021 1:08 pm

I posted about this on Discord too just in case it gets missed. I am looking for camera suggestions as I plan to do this as a hobby but I want decent quality things because I would like to make streaming a serious hobby. I also am curious about stand mics along with windscreens for heavy breathers as my headphone mic is nice but I know sometimes wearing headphones for long periods get to be a pain so would be nice to use a stand mic since it might make recording game sounds easier or maybe not.

Honestly its going to be all experimenting for me as it has been years since I last tried to stream ,but I want to make a serious go at it and I feel more confident doing it thru you guys because some of you do a wonderful job I think.

Anyhow thank you for any and all suggestions.
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Re: Hardware suggestions?

Post by Moebius » Fri Apr 02, 2021 9:54 pm

If you seriously want to stream yeah I would recommend a seperate microphone. I would also suggest a dynamic microphone instead of a condenser microphone unless you are recording in a soundproofed studio. condenser is just too sensitive and will pick up any background noise i would also suggest a mic with xlr connection instead of a bluetooth connection coupled with some kind of a digital workstation to control how much input goes through your microphone for a windscreen anything decent will work, heck you could make a decent one with some panty hose. As far as camera goes, anything that can record in 1080p is pretty much alll you need, you usually can pick up a decent one at best buy or walmart. i wouldnt recommend bauying an expensive dslr camera to use as a streaming camera unless you plan on recording your own stuff to post on youtube.

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